China Thinkers Bureau - - China’s leading speaker bureau and PR agency connects the world's leading minds to China's vast speaking events market, helping Chinese professional and academic audiences at conferences, seminars and similar engagements benefit from global perspectives and insight.

China Thinkers Bureau offers immediate access to the speakers market in China. As a leading PR firm, we also provide access to Chinese media outlets whose reporting about a visiting speaker can help build a personal brand and cultivate consumer popularity. We connect visiting speakers and Chinese professionals in their respective fields. We also provide international business planning services for speakers interested in expanding into the China market. And on a personal level, China Thinkers Bureau staff members take a genuine interest in every speaker we serve by cultivating friendship and going the extra mile to make sure each visit to China is comfortable and fulfilling.

Speaking Engagements

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Media Promotion

Connecting visiting speakers to Chinese media outlets

Personal Brand Building

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